/ Fast Destination /
Fast Destination means that has been pursuing the design addictor through innovative concept and dynamic animation.
Artworks and/or graphics on this site are NOT allowed to be used on other websites without permission.
At least, I hope you e-mail me or respective persons in Japanese or English before you post it.
Fast DestinationはPhotonskytoの個人サイトです。私の著作物を許可なしに転載・商用利用等の使用は禁止しております。

/ Photonskyto /
CG Designer and Movie Creator. I'm partial to games, listen to music and cooking.

学生時代、自身が尊敬する映像作家との出会いを契機に、beatmaniaのゲーム内映像、MTV、SpaceshowerTV等の番組IDやMEGADEMO等の影響を受け、2009年から3DCGを用いた映像・デザイン制作を始める。機械や自然風景等の映像・デザインを中心に制作する海洋生物( ジュゴン )。

/ Use software & skill /
Adobe AfterEffects, Photoshop, Illustrator CC2015.
Maxon Cinema4d R15 with OctaneRender.
Coding Website (HTML5 / CSS / jQuery)
/ Contact Me /
I'm eagerly looking forward to having an opportunity of serving you with my professional experience and ability.

Thank you!
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